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Xylosylve technical platform : Innovative silvicultural systems

The long-term biophysical & biogeochemical monitoring device

Geographical location

PLots 5 ; 6 and 13 du of the Hermitage Domain

(Refer to general map)

Main observations

The biogeochemical exchanges based on silvicultural treatments 

Examples of questions asked

What are the effects of the different treatments on the environment? 
What are the forest-soil-atmosphere exchanges?
What are their impacts on tree growth and production?

The long-term biophysical and biogeochemical monitoring device has 3 plots of 9 hectares, representing three contrasting silvicultural treatments monitored for 20 years by a set of automated measuring systems deployed in situ.

It includes:

  • Biophysical and biogeochemical measurements (radiation balance, flow of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, water balance, structure and directional spectral reflectance of vegetation).
  • Monitoring the concentrations and stocks of important elements (N, P, Ca, Mg) in solid and liquid phases of soil and vegetation. 

This monitoring is part of the « Ecosystem « networks of the ICOS and ANAEE European infrastructures.  

Diagram of biogeochemical systems and flux tower