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Xylosylve technical platform : Innovative silvicultural systems

Silvicultural trial in 4 blocks

Geographical location

Plots of the Castillonville Domain (refer to general map)

Main observations

Biomass production and interactions with the environment 

Examples of questions asked

What are the environmental impacts of the different treatments?

What are their agronomic effects on trees and stands?

Is the access to ground water modified?

A silvicultural trial in 4 complete randomized blocks, made of 8 plots each including 8 plots, which will allow the comparison in « split-plot » of 8 silvicultural treatments and preparatory tillage.

The 8 treatments include maritime pine, eucalyptus, taeda pine, a mix of 6 species as well as different stand densities and use of legumes, organic amendment (compost) and fertilization (ash).

This device allows the measures of variables such as:

  • Individual growth and population
  • The biomass production by stratum and compartment (leaves, branches, trunk, bark, roots, litter)
  • The strata leaf area index per species
  • The composition and species richness
Plan des 64 planceaux unitaires de Castillonville
Map of Castillonville silvicultural trial device
 Maritime pine "Low Input"
 Maritime pine of "Standard" reference
 Maritime pine "Optimized Nutrition"
 Maritime pine "Biomass"
 "Mixed Semi-Dedicated" (Maritime pine and Eucalyptus in coppice forest)
 Taeda pine
 Mix of 6 species

For more details, please refer to the description of  plant material and silvicultural treatments.