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A fertigation experimentation

Geographical location

Plot 23.1 of the Hermitage Domain (Refer to general map)

Main observations

The compared optimized production of Eucalyptus and Maritime Pine

Examples of questions asked

What is the potential of the species?

What are the limiting factors?

What are their interactions?

A fertigation experimentation
composed of a device of 4 complete randomized blocks, each including 6 irrigation and fertilization modalities, on Eucalyptus (witness, I, F, FI) and Pine (witness and IF). This trial is used to test the effects of lifting the growth water and mineral stresses on productivity of Eucalyptus and Maritime Pine crops on the sandy soils of the Landes of Gascogny.

It extends a similar experimentation installed on Maritime Pine in this same plot from 1991 to 2009 (Trichet et al., 2008).

Experience map of 23.1 plot