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ISPA Joint Research Unit

The Joint Research Unit « Soil Plant Atmosphere interaction » (ISPA) under the triple supervision of the Environment and Agronomy, Forest, Grasslands and Aquatic environment Ecology departments of INRA and of Bordeaux Sciences Agro, aims to understand and model the flows and cycles of matter and energy in forest or agricultural ecosystems.

EC representatives :

Denis Loustau :

  • Functions:
    • Research director in Functional Ecology and Remote Sensing team 
    • Coordinator for France and Europe of the network and European "Ecosystems" topic centre of ICOS infrastructure 

  • Study topics :
    • Forestry ecosystem biophysics and biogeochemistry 
    • Carbon and greenhouse gas cycles, and the water and energy functioning of terrestrial ecosystems.
    • Understanding the physical and biological processes conditioning the forest carbon cycle, the plant growth and development, the water flux and balances and their spatial and temporal integration 
    • Analysis and simulation of the effects of climate change on the functioning of forests.

Pierre Trichet :

  • Function:
    • Research Engineer in the Functional Ecology and Remote Sensing team 

  • Study topics :
    • Study of carbon and mineral balance in the Landes forest ecosystems.
    • Maritime pine silviculture and technical itineraries 

Laurent Augusto

  • Function :
    • Researcher in the "Forest Ecosystems" team

  • Study topics :
    • Biogeochemistry of nutrients in forest ecosystems
    • Bioavailability of phosphorus in terrestrial ecosystems