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Xylosylve technical platform : Innovative silvicultural systems


Opportunities provided by equipment:

  • Monitoring at plot level, water and mineral stocks in soil level and biomass and flux of these elements, between the two compartments and with the atmosphere and Plio-Quarternary aquifer.
  • Monitoring at stand level the components of energy balance / radiation balance, of heat and gas flux (including CO2) between vegetation and the atmosphere, of micrometeorology.
  • Monitoring the growth of trees and species of the undergrowth, spontaneous or introduced, comparison of growth data and productivity of highly contrasting silvicultural modalities.
  • Device allowing to carry out ex situ assessments (manipulation, cutting, measuring, drying, grinding, weighing, packaging, storage) of biomass and soil samples for partner research teams.

Examples of projects:

  • Involvement in the ICOS international network of greenhouse gas exchange measurements between vegetation and atmosphere. Infrastructure / TGIR ICOS. European Project (FP7) GHG –Europe. 
  • Test the effect of water and mineral stress removal on comparative productivity of Eucalyptus and Maritime Pine - Proposal ANR Agrobiosphère 2013 MACCAC.
  • Analyze dynamics of atmospheric nitrogen capture by legumes and of soil enrichment after their grinding.
  • Checking the balance sheets of greenhouse gas emissions by comparing the flows and stock variations - ADEME REACCTIF-2, 2013 proposal.
  • Carbon balance assumption of the Landes forest by modeling and atmospheric inversion- KICClimat project, Carbocount, FAST-A Aquitaine Region project.
  • ...

Possible benefits:

Data availability

Continuous data provision of forestry, biogeochemical and micrometeorological measurements.

Provision of a Biomass Platform

Availability of technical support premisses for handling, cutting, measuring, drying, weighing, grinding, packaging, storing and observing forest biomass and soil samples.

Provision of facilities & equipment

Availability of facilities and equipment for the complete processing of vegetation samples from different experimental devices in ecology and biogeochemistry.

Hosting measuring & experimental devices on-site

Hosting measuring and experimental devices on-site (highly contrasting forestry models) to the extent of their compatibility with the existing monitoring. This includes the provision of...

Other platform-related requests

The list of services is not limited and the platform managers will carefully take into consideration any other requests.