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Xylosylve technical platform : Innovative silvicultural systems

Shelter for central suction & storage of soil water samples from porous cup lysimeters

The porous cup lysimeters are only the end part of the water suction device. The whole device is made of two vacuum pumps (double depression: 0.2 and 0.7 bar to suck bound water and percolating water), of 5L buffer bottles, 2L sampling bottles and of an automatic control and monitoring system.

 These devices (2 repetitions per plot) are located in isolated sheds, supplied with electricity and kept free of frost. These sheds also protects the handler when performing the sampling of the whole of the device (sub-surface lysimeters, trunk flow, pluviolessivats...) and when carrying out in situ manipulations (sample weighing, immediate chemical analysis as sample sensitive to oxidation..).

Centralizing shed and ground water sampling device