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Continuous water table height probes (CS-451)

These probes, installed in piezometric wells, continuously measure the pressure from the water column above them and deduce the smallest variations of the water table (accuracy of a few mm). We can therefore estimate water flows (and of minerals if these measures are coupled with regular sampling) in the water table, but also provide answers to certain biological phenomena like rooting.

Indeed, one of the characteristics of our geographical location is the presence of a very shallow water table ( <3m in summer and flush in winter) which fluctuates with great speed (if the soil is already saturated, a 50 mm rainfall can raise the water table by 25 cm). This water table is therefore of great importance in root development mechanisms (asphyxiation in winter and rapid drying in summer because of the very draining nature of sandy soils) and in the deposit or leaching of minerals.

Continuous water table height probes (CS-451) ;

Image taken from Campbell Scientifique website