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Xylosylve technical platform : Innovative silvicultural systems

Biomass Platform : Sample preparation and conservation
Biomass Platform : Sample preparation and conservationBiomass Platform : Sample preparation and conservation

600 m² to measure, process and store soil and biomass samples 

XYLOSYLVE : an open Living Lab
XYLOSYLVE : an open Living LabXYLOSYLVE : an open Living Lab

8 silvicultural treatments ; 10 tree species and varieties 40 Ha ; more than 50 000 tree plants 6 km of fibre cable network 

Multiple scale measurements
Multiple scale measurementsMultiple scale measurements

gas flux, radiation, meteorology soil water, soil temperature and humidity  ...

XYLOSYLVE enables to give access to an in situ terrestrial ecology laboratory consisting of instrumented plots for long term monitoring of agronomy, biophysics and biochemistry of innovative and productive silvicultural treatments. This access is given to scientists, professionals and the training education sector.

Activities & Projects

The XYLOSYLVE-ECOSYLVE platform consists of 4 additional components installed in the INRA domain near the laboratories of the INRA forest-wood research campus at Pierroton:

20JunBroyage d’une culture intercalaire d’Ajonc et de Genêt en plantation de Pins maritimesmore...

L’une des innovations sylvicoles testée sur la plateforme XyloSylve est l’introduction de plantes fixatrices d’azote de la famille des légumineuses (Ajonc et Genet à balais) en culture...